How to make a Senseo Pod

This 30 second video shows how to make a Senseo pod.

Find a 1/4 cup measuring cup and a
glass that just fits inside it.

Set a 4 cup coffee filter on top of the measuring cup.

Press the glass into the filter.

Remove the glass.

Add coffee to the filter. Start with about 2 heaping tsp for the two cup setting.

Fold the filter paper carefully over the grounds, being careful not to leave any stray grounds.

Lightly press the glass on top of the folded pod.

Your pod is now ready for use in the large pod holder.


  • Fine ground coffee makes a better cup of coffee.
  • Use a 4 cup coffee filter
  • Do not make your pods too thick or the lid will not close
  • Do not force the Senseo lid closed
  • Do not allow any stray grounds to get into the pod holder
  • If the pod holder gets clogged with a ground, simply
    • unplug the unit
    • allow it to cool off and the lid will release
    • when the pod holder is cool, blow out the obstruction from the hole

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